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Paddle Flow Switch Product

As a paddle flow switch suppliers, we are making our contribution to manufacturing paddle type flow switch for different kinds of applications. In various industrial processes and applications, the precise and reliable monitoring of fluid flow is of paramount importance. From maintaining operational efficiency to preventing potential hazards, having a dependable method to monitor fluid flow can save time, resources, and ensure safety. This is where a Paddle Flow Switch comes into play.

We will provide our paddle flow switch solutions for you according to your real function and application requirements. Therefore, if you need paddle water flow switch, feel free to ask our paddle flow switch price. Here are the types of paddle style flow switches. Welcome to get a free quote.

Knowledge about Paddle Type Flow Switch

What is paddle flow switch and how does paddle flow switch work?

Imagine having a device that can detect changes in fluid flow and trigger responses based on those changes. That’s the fundamental principle behind a paddle flow switch. Also known as a vane flow switch and flapper type flow switch, it consists of a housing with a strategically placed paddle inside. When fluid flows through a pipe or conduit, it causes the paddle to move. This movement is then translated into signals that can be used for various purposes.

A paddle flow switch operates on a simple yet effective mechanism. The device is installed in a pipeline, and as fluid flows, it makes contact with the paddle. The force of the flowing fluid pushes the paddle aside, activating a switch mechanism. This action triggers the switch to either open or close, completing an electrical circuit that sends a signal. This signal can be used to start or stop a process, activate an alarm, or send data to a control system.

Applications of Paddle Flow Switches

Paddle flow switches find applications in a wide range of industries. They are used in cooling systems, lubrication systems, chemical processing, water treatment, and more. In cooling systems, these switches can detect low flow conditions, preventing equipment damage due to overheating. In chemical processing, they contribute to maintaining optimal flow rates for efficient reactions.

Advantages of Using Paddle Flow Switches

The advantages of paddle flow switches are numerous. They offer simplicity, reliability, and versatility. Unlike some other flow monitoring devices, paddle flow switches are not affected by fluid characteristics or properties. They can work with both liquids and gases, making them suitable for diverse applications. Moreover, their uncomplicated design leads to easy installation and minimal maintenance.

paddle flow switch technical drawing
paddle flow switch technical drawing
paddle flow switch technical drawing
paddle flow switch technical drawing

Why Choose Us As Your Water Paddle Flow Switch Suppliers

Benefit from Your Paddle Type Water Flow Switch Manufacturer

Good Manufacturing Ability & Good Quality Control

You can obtain good manufacturing ability and ISO9001 quality management system to support your level sensor quality, your machine and your brand. You can provide sketches/designs for us to design, and we will protect all the designs of every client. Then we will do our OEM & ODM for you.

Leading R&D Ability & Professional Service

You can get our leading R&D ability to design and develop the new products for your use according to your idea or the design. You can also get our professional pre service and after service to finish your project perfectly and it will give you satisfaction and make you feel at home.

Multiple Payment Method & Safe Packaging

You can make the payment by various methods, such as paypal, west union, stripe, T/T, D/P, Xtransfer, Pingpong, Payoneer, Moneygram and so on. You can be assured that you will receive the complete parcels with nice packaging. We will be responsible the goods arrive safely.

Quick Delivery & Various Transportation Solutions

You will get the cargo within 7 to 15 days on general once you give us the order and make the payment already. For our products, we usually send the goods to you by express, such as DHL,FEDEX,TNT,ARAMEX,SHUNFENG and so on. Besides, we can also provide door to door service by air. The sea, rail and truck transport is also available for you. ​

Get Your Custom Paddle Style Flow Switch Step by Step

If you are thinking of buying vane type flow switch or flapper type flow switch, you will get the process here to finish your project!

When selecting a paddle flow switch, several factors come into play. The flow rate range, pipe size, fluid type, pressure, and temperature conditions must be taken into account. Additionally, considering the environment in which the switch will operate is crucial. Factors like corrosion resistance, material compatibility, and the presence of any contaminants should influence your choice.

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FAQ about the Paddle Flow Switch

Yes, paddle flow switches are available in various pressure ratings to accommodate high-pressure environments.

Absolutely, paddle flow switches can be constructed with materials that resist corrosion from specific fluids.

Yes, paddle flow switches can be installed in both vertical and horizontal pipelines, depending on the manufacturer's recommendations.

The response time of a paddle flow switch varies, but it is generally within a few seconds of detecting a flow change.

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