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Hall Effect Water Flow Sensor Product

As a hall sensor water meter manufacturer, we are making our contribution to manufacturing hall effect sensor water meter for different kinds of applications.  Hall effect water flow sensor consists of magnetic core, rotating impeller, external casing and hall. Flow through the sensor activates the magnetic core to trigger hall action with pulse signal output. Water flow sensors play a crucial role in various industries, from monitoring water consumption in households to managing complex industrial processes. The Hall Effect water flow sensor is a cutting-edge technology that has gained popularity due to its precision and reliability. Let’s explore how this remarkable sensor works and why it’s a game-changer in the world of flow measurement.

We will provide our hall effect flow sensor solutions for you according to your real function and application requirements. Therefore, if you need hall effect flow sensor, feel free to ask our hall flow sensor price. Here are the types of hall effect water flow sensors. Welcome to get a free quote.

Knowledge about Hall Flow Sensor

How Does the Hall Effect Water Flow Sensor Work?

The Hall Effect water flow sensor leverages this principle to measure the flow of liquids accurately. It consists of a sensor body with a passage for fluid flow and a Hall Effect sensor element. As the fluid flows through the passage, it interacts with a magnetic field generated by a magnet inside the sensor. This interaction causes the Hall Effect sensor to produce a voltage output proportional to the flow rate. The greater the flow, the higher the voltage generated.

What is the Advantages of Hall Effect Water Flow Sensors?

Hall Effect water flow sensors offer several advantages over traditional flow measurement methods:

  • High precision and accuracy
  • Wide range of applications
  • Minimal pressure drop
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Compatibility with various fluids
  • Long lifespan

What is the Application of Hall FLow Sensor?

The versatility of Hall Effect water flow sensors makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Residential water meters
  • Industrial process control
  • HVAC systems
  • Chemical processing
  • Automotive industry
  • Medical devices
hall flow sensor application 1
hall flow sensor application 2

Why Choose Us As Your Hall Effect Flow Meter

Benefit from Your Hall Flow Sensor Manufacturer

Good Manufacturing Ability & Good Quality Control

You can obtain good manufacturing ability and ISO9001 quality management system to support your level sensor quality, your machine and your brand. You can provide sketches/designs for us to design, and we will protect all the designs of every client. Then we will do our OEM & ODM for you.

Leading R&D Ability & Professional Service

You can get our leading R&D ability to design and develop the new products for your use according to your idea or the design. You can also get our professional pre service and after service to finish your project perfectly and it will give you satisfaction and make you feel at home.

Multiple Payment Method & Safe Packaging

You can make the payment by various methods, such as paypal, west union, stripe, T/T, D/P, Xtransfer, Pingpong, Payoneer, Moneygram and so on. You can be assured that you will receive the complete parcels with nice packaging. We will be responsible the goods arrive safely.

Quick Delivery & Various Transportation Solutions

You will get the cargo within 7 to 15 days on general once you give us the order and make the payment already. For our products, we usually send the goods to you by express, such as DHL,FEDEX,TNT,ARAMEX,SHUNFENG and so on. Besides, we can also provide door to door service by air. The sea, rail and truck transport is also available for you. ​

Get Your Custom Water Flow Hall Sensor Step by Step

If you are thinking of buying one kind of hall effect water flow meters, you will get the process here to finish your project!



Confirm Medium Type,Temperature & Pressure



Check Pipe Thread & Size



Type & Working

Tell Flow Sensor types and working principle


Function & Output

Give required function & output



2D/3D Prototype Confirmed



Mould Lead Time



Finally, we will make samples and send to customers

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FAQ about the Hall Effect Sensor Flow Meter

The Hall Effect is a phenomenon where a voltage is generated perpendicular to the flow of electric current in a conductor when subjected to a magnetic field.

Absolutely. Hall Effect water flow sensors are widely used in industrial settings due to their precision and durability.

Regular cleaning and calibration are essential for maintaining accurate measurements and extending the sensor's lifespan.

Selecting the right Hall Effect sensor involves considering factors such as fluid properties, flow rate range, and the application's requirements. Consult with a flow sensor expert for guidance.


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