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Appliance Level Sensor Product

As an appliance level sensor manufacturer, we are making our contribution to manufacturing water level sensor for different kinds of appliances. We manufacture dishwasher level sensor, fountain water level sensor, water heater level sensor, water dispenser level sensor, water cooler level sensor, ice maker water level sensor, ice maker level sensor, washing machine level sensor and so on. It can be applied in many kinds of the appliance industries, such as air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, air Coolers, Water Dispensers, household drink straight tap water systems, Ice Makers, Coffee Makers, Smart toilet, micro steam oven, dishwasher, water heater, Carbonated Sparkling Water Makers/ Soda Makers, slush machine, autonomous cleaning trolley, commerical dishwasher, commerical car wash machine(vehicle), commercial sterilizer(commercial sterilization facilities), commercial dehumidifier, HVAC, floor scrubber(floor cleaning machines), sweeping robot, commercial water purification equipment, Commercial refrigerators, commercial washing machines, cleaning machine(cleaning equipment) and so on.

We will provide our appliance sensor solutions for you according to your appliance type and your real function requirement. Therefore, if you need water level sensor, feel free to ask to see which kind of the water level sensor is suitable for you. Here are the types of the household appliance level sensor. Welcome to get a free quote.

Plastic Miniature Float Switch

Stainless Steel Float Switch

Optical Level Switch

Non-contact Level Switch

Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Electrode Level Sensor

Knowledge about The Appliance Level Sensor

Water level sensor for household appliance is liquid & fluid level sensor that monitors water or liquid levels inside your appliance and sends feedback to a controller, causing it to automatically start or stop operation based on the level. You can not only use a miniature float switch to detect high low level switch signal, but also the non contact level switch to know the current level now. It can prevent overflow and leakage. You should value the liquid level sensor for home appliance application.

Yes, water will get into the dishwasher before it starts the cleaning cycles. You can use dishwasher water level sensor to keep this liquid at the right levels and at the correct temperatures and get the dishes clean.

Yes, every washing machine has a liquid level sensor. Some machines have only one level, some have two, and some have three. These washing machine level sensors identify the minimum and maximum water levels for various cycles to ensure the proper amount of water is delivered based on your laundry volume. This level sensor technology usually works well, but it can malfunction.

Aether level sensor manufactures continuous level sensors and point level switches to monitor soap and other car wash chemicals level in storage and delivery reservoirs, and miniature float switches to monitor car wash wastewater level.
Most of the time when we discuss ultrasonic level sensor applications we are talking about their use in liquid level measurement applications. The ultrasonic level sensors are specially designed for contactless fluid level detection and monitoring of stored car wash fluids. These sensors can work in outdoor temperatures ranging from -20° to 80° C and provide product level detection and monitoring solutions that are reliable and cost effective.
If you are interested in learning how Aether’s level sensors can be used to improve your car wash chemical and wastewater storage and collection? Feel free to contact us and we will help you find the right sensor for your carwash.

If the magnetic float is stuck and cannot rise, the dishwasher float switch will not be on and your dishwasher will overflow. If your magnetic float moves freely but your dishwasher still overflows, the dishwasher float switch could be the problem. If the switch can not work, it must be replaced.

The ice maker water level probe tells the ice maker when to add water. These parts work with the control board and inlet valve to replace the outdated float valve. The ice maker level sensor is located in the storage bin and monitors the ice level. If the sensor is blocked or dirty, it may cause the ice maker to stop making ice. They make ice machines more energy efficient but use less water per freeze cycle.

Washing machines use air pressure to sense the water level. Washing machines usually have a water level switch. A washing machine's water level switch is a pressure-activated switch that determines when it's time to stop filling. The switch has two sets of contacts. A contact supplies power to the inlet valve to fill it up. When water fills the drum, the air in the pressure tube is pressurized and trapped. This pressure signals to the pressure switch that the water level has risen.

The HVAC level sensors are responsible for monitoring water levels.
HVAC systems often include several main and auxiliary pipes. If the water level isn’t effectively monitored, a flood can result. A HVAC level sensor helps to identify when the cooling unit isn’t draining. It helps shut off the system to prevent overflow to prevent damaging the ceiling, floors, and walls.The liquid level sensor not only stops a flood from occurring but can also signal a leak.
Aether level sensor can offer a wide range of float switches and liquid level sensors for the HVAC industry. Float switches can be installed on the unit's PVC drain pipe or on the drip pan. Condensate overflow float switches are a cost-effective way to create an environmentally sustainable HVAC system for industrial and commercial buildings. Our HVAC float level sensors have multiple points to choose from, including high and low level to offer increased reliability.
Aether level sensor also has lots of features. You can integrate temperature measurement into specific models of our single point level sensors. Our single-point sensors and float switches can be made of many kinds of materials including stainless steel, PVC, and PVDF, PP, PTFE and so on. Our liquid float switches will automatically shut HVAC systems off when the sensor detects an issue like clogged drains.
Design your custom float level sensor with our Aether’s level sensor specification tool. You can find a suitable solution for your application from an extensive number of selectable options. Your final design will be validated by Aether’s experienced engineering department.
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You can obtain good manufacturing ability and ISO9001 quality management system to support your level sensor quality, your machine and your brand. You can provide sketches/designs for us to design, and we will protect all the designs of every client. Then we will do our OEM & ODM for you.

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You can get our leading R&D ability to design and develop the new products for your use according to your idea or the design. You can also get our professional pre service and after service to finish your project perfectly and it will give you satisfaction and make you feel at home.

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You can make the payment by various methods, such as paypal, west union, stripe, T/T, D/P, Xtransfer, Pingpong, Payoneer, Moneygram and so on. You can be assured that you will receive the complete parcels with nice packaging. We will be responsible the goods arrive safely.

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You will get the cargo within 7 to 15 days on general once you give us the order and make the payment already. For our products, we usually send the goods to you by express, such as DHL,FEDEX,TNT,ARAMEX,SHUNFENG and so on. Besides, we can also provide door to door service by air. The sea, rail and truck transport is also available for you. ​

Get Your Custom The Appliance Level Sensor Step by Step

If you are thinking of buying one kind of the appliance level sensor, you will get the process here to finish your project!



Confirm Medium Type,Temperature & Pressure



Check Tank Type,Material & Size



Type & Working

Tell equipment method,level sensor types and working principle


Function & Output

Give required function & output



2D/3D Prototype Confirmed



Mould Lead Time



Finally, we will make samples and send to customers

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FAQ about The Appliance Level Sensor Manufacturer

Yes, we are a leading Liquid level sensor manufacturer, supplier and factory in china.

Of course, we are professional in OEM/ODM projects and we protect all the designs of every client, we will sign NDA to be ensure that we won’t send your artwork to any other clients and won’t sell your OEM items to anyone else. Any questions please send us your inquiry.

Yes, we provide PDF technical drawing by CAD on general. However, if you need 3D drawing to match with your 3D drawing to confirm if our developed product is suitable, we can provide 3D drawings by Solidwork and so on.

Yes, we have our R&D teams, hardware and software, lab equipment and instruments to design and develop new product for every customer.

Yes, we have ISO9001 quality management system and IATF 16949 quality management system to control our water level sensor quality. We also have CE and UL certification to fulfill European and North American markets.

Aether level sensor MOQ is 1 pc. We are willing to give samples for our every customer if you are interested in establishing good and long relationship with us. The samples lead time is short and it is usually within 3 to 5 days.

We have pvc pipe, bubble bag, foam, custom carton,blister box to make our packaging safe and provide affordable dhl, tnt, fedex for every customer. If you want door to door service, we can give DDP trade term.

Our delivery time is 7 to 15 days on general and payment terms can be T/T, D/P,L/C and so on.

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