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11 Long Years Level Sensor Manufacturer and Supplier Of Manufacturing Excellence With Quality At Its Best!

Ningbo Aether Sensors Co., Ltd is a water level sensor manufacturer and supplier in China with Exquisite craftsmanship. As a China level sensor factory, we are striving to be a world’s leading liquid level sensor company. Established in 2011, we have passed ISO 9001 & IATF 16949 quality management systems. We have specialized engineers to satisfy all level sensor customers’ requirements and professional sales teams to provide our fast satisfactory service. In the tenet of quality first, technology second and service third, we are committed to serving all customers of liquid level sensors.

Our product range includes level sensor types(Point Level Sensor &Continuous Level Sensor, Contact Level Sensor & Non Contact Level Sensor, Float Level Sensor & Floatless Water Level Sensor), level sensor working principles (Float Level Sensor, Capacitive Level Sensor, Optical Level Sensor, Ultrasonic Level Sensor, Laser Level Sensor, Pressure Level Sensor, Electrode Level Sensor, Conductivity Level Sensor, Radar Level Sensor, Vibrating Level Sensor, Inductive Level Sensor, Magnetostrictive Level Sensor), level sensor medium(Liquid Level Sensor, Powder Level Sensor, Solid Level Sensor, Slurry level sensor, Granular Level Sensor), level sensor tank(Bilge Level Sensor, Tank Level Sensor, Silo Level Sensor, Hopper Level Sensor, Pit Level Sensor, Reservoir Level Sensor) and related accessories. 

Our Products

We are the level sensor industry heads and produce the most reliable and trendy level sensor solution you are looking for.

Level Sensor Types

  1. Point Level Sensor &Continuous Level Sensor
  2. Contact Level Sensor & Non Contact Level Sensor
  3. Float Level Sensor & Floatless Water Level Sensor

Level Sensor Working Principle

  1. Magnetoresistive Level Sensor
  2. Capacitive Level Sensor
  3. Optical Level Sensor
  4. Ultrasonic Level Sensor
  5. Laser Level Sensor
  6. Pressure Level Sensor
  7. Electrode Level Sensor
  8. Conductivity Level Sensor
  9. Radar Level Sensor
  10. Vibrating Level Sensor
  11. Inductive Level Sensor
  12.  Magnetostrictive Level Sensor
  13. Reed Type Level Sensor
  14. Hall Effect Level Sensor
  15. Mechanical Level Sensor

Level Sensor Media

  1. Liquid Level Sensor
  2. Powder Level Sensor
  3. Solid Level Sensor
  4. Slurry level sensor
  5. Granular Level Sensor

Level Sensor Tank

  1. Tank Level Sensor
  2. Silo Level Sensor
  3. Hopper Level Sensor
  4. Pit Level Sensor
  5. Reservoir Level Sensor

The only place where you’ll find the best level sensor manufacturer for all your level sensor needs.

Our Feature

Why Choose Us As Your Level Sensor Manufacturer

As a level sensor manufacturer, we are working hard and making our great effort to be competitive in the market. We are mainly focusing on quality, deisgn,R&D and service to beat our competititors to meet customer’s requirement or even overpass customers’ expectation. We welcome every customer and are always ready to give our best solutions for them.

Quality Control & Good Manufacturing

Based on ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 quality management system, we conduct raw material inspection,semi-finished products and 100% full inspection for the all finished products to make sure the final products are in good manufacturing process.

Competitive Design & R&D Ability

We have more than 15 experienced engineers to provide our R&D ability. According to customers’ requirements, we will provide our current products in the developed mould or we will give our design solutions based on R&D ability to fulfill customers’ need.


Satisfactory Service & Fast Delivery

We provide professional pre-service to after-service for all our customers. Customer’ satisfactory is first choice for us. Our customers will receive the cargo in the shortest time once they order from our company. We value customers’ satisfactory and fast delivery for every customer.

Need Help with Easier Level Sensor Solutions? We Are Experts!

Our Contributions

Industries Aether-Level Sensor Manufacturer Serves!

As a level sensor factory, we are looking forward to being a one stop level sensor manufacturer and supplier in all kinds of industries.  We are making a great contribution to providing the best level sensor solutions for every customer. No Matter what industry you are in, do not hesitate to contact us to get the best solutions for you. 

Pump Level Sensor

Level Sensor for Househould Appliance

Level Sensor for Industrial Equipment

Vehicle Level Sensor

Generator Level Sensor

Level Sensor for Scientific & Laboratory Applications

Fuel Cell Level Sensor

Aircraft Fuel Level Sensor

Level Sensor for Medical Device & Equipment

Sanitary Level Sensor

Level Sensor for Commericial & Cleaning Appliance

Level Sensor for Beauty Salon Equipment

Our Custom Level Sensor Solutions

Level Sensor OEM & ODM Service We Provide

As a level sensor company, we not only provide OEM service but also give our ODM solutions. No matter what industry you are in, tell us medium, tank, sensor types and function, we will provide our solutions for you, make prototype and open the mould, finally we will send samples to customers. 



Confirm Medium Type,Temperature & Pressure



Check Tank Type,Material & Size



Type & Working

Tell equipment method,level sensor types and working principle


Function & Output

Give required function & output



2D/3D Prototype Confirmed



Mould Lead Time



Finally, we will make samples and send to customers

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